Live Review

Hushed, Dreamy Indie Folk Live in Boston

Gregory Alan Isakov on April 14, 2015

Artist Gregory Alan Isakov
Other tags indie folk

I imagine he would need a respectful audience Suze. Sounds like a gorgeous night. Fingers crossed there's a new album on the horizon. Thanks. C.

Thanks for your comment, Cara. Unfortunately, what an artist needs and what he/she gets from the audience can be two different things... It's one of my concert pet peeves. This was a beautiful night! I don't recall if Greg mentioned a date for a release but he's due for one! Cheers!

Nice review but I'm a bit confused by the phrase indie folk singer-songwriter. Does that mean he isn't signed to a major label or does it have to do with his style? Thanks.

I believe when the phrase was originally used, it meant the artist was not signed to a major label. Now, it seems to mean that an artist isn't mainstream in whatever genre the artist performs. In this case, I used the phrase because Greg describes his music that way on his Facebook page. Thanks for your comment, Hal.

Thanks Suze.  I assumed that's what you (Greg) meant but are there any mainstream (popular/chart topping: non-indie) folk artists?   I can't think of one.  

Food for thought, Hal! If I come up with any, I'll let you know - and you do the same!