Live Review

Jamey Johnson & Margo Price at Showbox SoDo, Seattle

Jamey Johnson on May 9, 2017

It's typically fruitless to search for signs of the Apocalypse, but I believe I spotted one last night in Seattle: A near-capacity crowd of more than a thousand people in the sanctuary city where I live singing along, at full throat, to David Allen Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name."

This was at a Jamey Johnson show at Showbox SoDo, and Jamey did his thing, taking his sweet time lending deep, macho vocals to a set that drew heavily off one of the best double-albums of all time, The Guitar Song. He looked like a hairy hermit up there, emerging from his cave to sing while surrounded by a 16-piece band that included horns. (I may be slightly exaggerating the size of his band, but not by much, and maybe not at all.) Thank Sturgill Simpson for that trend, I suppose. It's a good one.

But while Jamey was Jamey, he was damn near upstaged by his opener, the irrepressible Margo Price. She's the second coming of Loretta Lynn at a time where we might just need a second coming of Loretta Lynn. Her band's jammy as hell; they were alotted 45 minutes, but they could have easily played for four-and-a-half hours, quitting only after the last keg of Space Dust blew.

Price has plenty of great songs of her own, but her version of the Jennings-Crowell classic "Ain't Living Long Like This" was infectious. She broke out in a big smile during the first verse, and the joie de vivre spread from her pedal steel man to her bassist to the back of the bar.


Saw Margo a while back at a small venue in Indianapolis...she's great, and her band is always Mike, fine live review...wish your stuff showed up here more never have a problem conveying if the show is worth seeing or not, and I don't need a set list...

Thnx, Jim. I previewed the show, so I wasn't planning to review it--hence the lack of set list. But sometimes the spirit--or David Allen Coe--just moves you