Live Review

John Doe Reigns at The Triple Door (Seattle, WA)

Jesse Dayton on June 19, 2015

This was a damn fine show. I've seen Doe probably 15 times or so; I'm always impressed by his songwriting, which is both uniquely tuned to his voice and to having (one of many) female collaborators. I'd never seen Jesse Dayton, but was reasonably impressed, although the sound at the usually reliable Triple Door failed his louder style. Kind of interesting that Jesse's 
“We Can’t Help The Way That We Are” mirrors the X "See How We Are".

A John Doe show is all about singing and songwriting - the musicianship is fine, but not remarkable. John Doe is really a remarkable type of talent, plus he's very open and friendly. In fact, by the time we had cleared from our up-front seats, he was in the back at merch, talking to the folks in line.

Thanks for the write up. Go see him if you haven't already!!

Hoping that attaching a photo I took at the show will actually work...