Live Review

Nashville’s King of Broken Hearts Visits Cleveland

Jim Lauderdale at Music Box Supper Club on April 9, 2015

Class. Thank you. Did he play London South?

Don't think so Cara .... three songs missing from the set list were “Why Do I Love You”, “Tiger and The Monkey”, and “Lost in the Lonesome Pines”. 

Hi Jay. I'm new to Jim Lauderdale. I only discovered him last year when The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival brought him over. From what I have picked up this is a pretty new song and he may not be 100% sure what he wants to call it yet. But for the sake of this link i'll call it London South. It blew me away. (It may have another moniker mind you that's a bit more obvious)

that's a helluva song Cara...

Hey Jim - please excuse me ignoring you. How rude. I somehow missed your message. Yes it blew me away, and that was the first time I had seen him, so the die was cast. He's a class act.

Cara...I don't expect a response every time I make a post, you are anything but rude...I was just thanking your for your link as I hadn't heard that one...Jim's one of a kind for sure...

And he's lovely. He was totally approachable when he was in Belfast for the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival a while ago.

I have a friend whose son is the lead singer/song-writer/ rhythm guitar player for a very good band in Nashville, sort of the outlaw country sound, more Texas that Tennessee...they were on Roots City Music a while back and Jim was hosting...spent a lot of time with this kid and his band encouraging them, passing along his e-mail address, offering to help in any way he notch guy by all accounts...a good guy to have in your corner, I'd say...

That's similar to what I saw as well. Top notch behaviour.

Nice ...

Thanks for the review.  I saw a similar show at Merlefest last year.  His band is one of the best honky tonk bands around.  When Jim comes to town you never know whether he will be doing honky tonk, bluegrass, or singer/songwriter.  A true musical genius who deserves the "Mr. Americana" label.  I love his 1998 WHISPER album because of its roots country feel.