Live Review

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Keep On Rocking in The U.K. - Liverpool Echo Arena (July 13, 2014)


Stand by my views, where's the songs? I saw Neil play this live in London ok he was still taking risks but self indulgent clap trap for me. Lacks any cohesion lasts 30 minutes too long and no killer songs.

I saw Greendale, the movie, when Neil showed (maybe it was the premiere) it in the little seaside town of Half Moon Bay, Ca.  He lives just outside, up the hill from there and the fictional town is based upon HMB.  I thought it was pretty good and the music really locked into it.

A message? No, there's a story for sure.

Cracking album.

Sorry but Greendale is a stinker! I've tried honest I'm sure there's a message in there trying to get out, at best 2-3 reasonable songs. I never play it.

I don't know why people complain about Greendale. I love it.

I saw Neil in Hyde Park and thought he was tremendous. But there were quite a few there who wanted nice quiet, acoustic Neil. They got a few numbers, but don't people realise if it's advertised as Neil Young with Crazy Horse it is going to be loud. Sorry that should read LOUD.