Live Review

The River Arkansas Captures the Essence of Country Live at Concerts@539

The River Arkansas on February 2, 2018

Those music lovers who are veterans to live shows know that the best concerts are not always in a lavish concert venue. When the right band is playing, a smaller venue can create a captivating intimate show. On Groundhog Day in a quaint house in a small Colorado town, the surroundings were set for a night of enchantment, thanks to The River Arkansas.

The River Arkansas are chameleons of style that build you up and seep into your skin. Transitioning from gutsy gypsy jazz to '50s doo-wop to Detroit Motown to the best country band you’d ever see in a Blues Brothers movie, you can say they take influence from almost every kind of music.

The River Arkansas is made up of the evocative lyric writing and the penetrating vocal talent of Mike Clark, smoky upbeat jazz club bass playing by Macon Terry, Mozart-meets-wagon-train fiddle playing by Rachel Sliker, drumming reminiscent of Keith Moon's form by Robin Chestnut, and The Doors-style keys by Ben Gallagher. The River Arkansas hail from various towns in Colorado and have two albums under their belt. Clark's lyrics cover the joys and pitfalls of love, life, and the oddball bike theft, with each song channeling power to drastically change the mood of the room.

Now not every show will have The River Arkansas attempting to play "I Got You Babe" repeatedly through the night, but the chemistry between the group can guarantee you talent, entertainment, and shenanigans always.

While patiently waiting what will be a gem of a third album, check their other two albums.