Live Review

Sandy Beaches Cruise 2015: Waves Weren’t the Only Thing That Caused the Boat to Rock

Delbert McClinton on January 18, 2015

Excellent report Lee, it takes me back to my SBC 7 years ago.

My wife and I didn't even get off the boat until we returned to San Diego. We just caught up on our sleep and prepared for the up-coming shows. 

Most of the artists that you've mentioned were all on that Cruise, Raul Malo was there, but not the Mavericks, neither was Lyle Lovett. It was one of the best musical weeks of my life and never to be forgotten. I really liked the Song-Writer Sessions, hearing the stories of how and where the big hits were written by the likes of Gary Nicholson and Big Al Anderson and their friends. It cost me a fortune, in the following months, buying up the back record catalogues of the artists who all impressed me and I have followed them all to this day.

Delbert, himself, is so humble and natural, the perfect host.

So the question is, from my perspective, do I save up my megre UK pension and try and make next years SBC.


sonunds like a cruise for the ages...would love to have been there.  Nice article Lee.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the story - It was terrific - I don't know if Sixthman is still involved with this one - but either way I'd say it is a great cruise - it was our first time nad we loved it!

I have a friend who has been on several of them...he agrees with your assessment completely...I don't think he went this year, but I will forward your article to him...keep the articles coming...always enjoy them.