Live Review

Saturday Night With The Subdudes (Oct. 11, 2014)


Michael...didn't see this when it originally ran, nice article about a criminally underappreciated band...I believe I saw them 6 times total, the first 3 times with the original lineup (thought they had an addditional guitar player on one of those tours)...I would concur that they are among the greatest of all live bands...I too was fascinated by Steve Amedee, who mics his tambourine and plays it so that it sounds like an entire kit...I always thought that was amazing...Tim Cook was the bass player the last few times I saw them, so if someone had to replace Johnny, he'd be the guy...I too hope that they will continue to reunite from time to time and play together...truly wonderful players and good guys too...I was fortunate enough to see them in Indianapolis back in the mid nineties right before they broke up the first time...there was a Blues festival playing at the local outdoor shed the same night and the Radiators were playing that festival...lead guitar player for the Radiators was Tommy's brother Dave, and he and Camile Baudoin and Ed Volker all came to the smaller theater where the Subdudes were playing to jam with them...special night, and one that ran really late...

Again, nice review...

Don't fret, the subdudes (never capitalized) have not called it quits. They decided they were enjoying playing together, even after Johnny Ray's unfortuante passing. Tim Cook is taking over on bass, and has now had time to learn these songs he never played bass on before. They were great in Texas in November, and have a few shows lined up in January, February, and one in March in Denver.

Shame on me for the capitalization...I am well aware they don't capitalize, but I type a lot, Caps is a hard habit to break, my bad...I have kept an eye on the tour schedule...they had a pretty good following in the Indianapolis area, so i'm going to hope they make a swing through the midwest...they played a place called the Vogue here several times, and the Music Mill...excellent venues (though the Music Mill no longer exists), maybe they'll return to the Vogue...the first time I saw them, it cost 6 bucks, I went based on a review of a live concert in Rolling Stone, and talked two of my friends into 6 bucks I ever spent...we never miseed them after that anytime they were close.   Talked to Johnny Ray for a while after that show, so sad that he's passed...they were all always unfaillingly kind to fans the nights I saw them...Tim Cook is a good guy too, I talked to him the last time I saw them and found out he's actually from Indiana (South Bend) of the best live bands ever...They have a track on the New Orleans Social Club tribute to New Orleans (Sing Me Back Home) that was recorded in the wake of Katrina...Earl King's "Make a Better World"...such a great performance, a standout even on that record full of New Orleans' best musicians.