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Taking Sun Kil Moon at Face Value

Sun Kil Moon on August 11, 2015

I wanted to like Benji; I really did.  But, sadly, I didn't like it all.  It all sounded the same to me.  Loved his Christmas album, though.

I know that feeling Mathew - oh yes! I like that christmas album too.

I give Kozelek the benefit of the doubt—maybe he's just trying to cultivate a weird, amusing, curmudgeonly public persona in the neighborhood of Tom Waits.  Kozelek's humor sometimes veers in to Frat Bro territory, and his apology later on includes the caveat that he was only kidding—which is the same excuse offered up by Frat Bro when he gets called on making sexist or racist jokes.  Maybe that analogy would horrify Kozelek, but I doubt it.  He comes off as a blue collar guy who enjoys tweaking the sensibilities of his university-educated PC fans rather than kissing their collective arse.  Kozelek seems like the guy who looks forward to telling the boss to go f*** himself on the day he pays off his morgage, even if the boss isn't that bad a guy.

"I Love My Dad" hit my ears shortly after my own remarkable but highly flawed dad suddenly passed away.  The song helped me put my rocky relationship with my dad in perspective.  I've never seen a Sun Kil Moon show, but I'm looking forward to attending one.  If Kozelek wants to pick me out of the crowd and try to push my buttons, so much the better.  

How much is persona, how much is just the person he is, how much is misunderstood, how much is nastiness from someone simply because he can, how much of it was a bad day, how much of it is there? If everyone around you is waiting for something to happen, eventually it will in some form or other. The distance between how he writes and how he has behaved confuses me - to a point - and then I go and do my shopping or make my tea because it doesn't confuse me that much.

I hope I don't sound glib in response to your comment about your dad, but Kozelek does have that gift Steve doesn't he, as you say, to put things in perspective. I can remember understanding what he was getting at when he wrote I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love, understanding the dread of the inevitable. I think your comparison to "telling the boss to go f*** himself on the day he pays off his morgage, even if the boss isn't that bad a guy" is spot on.

As I said to Jim, I would well recommend that you go to a concert. Wear something attention grabbing, sit in the front row, and he just won't be able to help himself.



Great live review Cara...I'd go see some of his records a lot...never did figure out exactly how I felt about "Benji", but it has some great moments...

Cheers Jim. I would well recommend that you go see, they were top notch. Benji has grown on me, but of course you have to be in the mood

interesting, liked Snapes comment "If anything remains to separate Kozelek from his work, it’s that his music preaches that the least we owe one another is decency." 

Excellent quote - is that from her Guardian piece?

Yes, it is. Did not mean to drop attribution.