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Jakob Dylan, Jim James, And Butch Walker Rock The Night For A Cure!

Jakob Dylan on April 14, 2018

Jakob Dyland and Butch Walker tear it up!

The Teragram Ballroom hosted a rock show to benefit finding a cure for Crohn's and Colitis, issues that 1.6 million Americans suffer from. The disease is such a bummer, that it's good to have an awesome night out in honor of all of the people that it affects - and that we did.


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In the Right Direction; Grant-Lee Phillips at Bush Hall, London

Grant-Lee Phillips on April 17, 2018

Photo: Getty Images

A solo acoustic show is often the ultimate test for an artist who records and performs frequently with a band. In a compact set Grant-Lee Phillips passed that exam with top marks. Earlier this year he released Widdershins, an album with a live feel, but from a full band. Phillips drew on that new material for much of tonight’s performance which stripped back musically, allowed the force of his lyrics greater prominence.

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Jesse Dayton and Rod Melancon at the Tractor Tavern April 13th (live review)

Jesse Dayton on April 13, 2018

Jesse Dayton at the Tractor Tavern

On rainy Friday the 13th on Ballard Ave two Texas troubadours turned Seattle center of the hipster universe into a genuine lone Star Roadhouse.  Jesse Dayton and Rod Melancon are Labelmates on Blue Elan Records and make their homes in Austin Texas so a joint tour was long overdue. Melancon casually strolled onto the stage and picked up his Gibson J45 off the floor introduced himself as a polite southern gentleman should and launched into “Westgate,” with its shout-out chorus the first of his 10-song set of stories from real life in the small towns of Louisiana.


The Way It Goes: A Conversation With Hawthorn

The women of Hawthorn were recently up in Vermont and took a spin by the old homestead to film a few things, drink some tea and talk about music and life. We set up some mics and as the mid afternoon haze on a chilly winter day set into our upstairs they performed this beautiful song for my lens. I have been humming it in my head, often unknowingly, ever since. Some songs just have that weight that sits with you long after their audible presence in time fades.

Artist Hawthorn


The Roots Grow Deep: An Interview With Jay Psaros And ‘The Trees Beyond The Town’ Album

photo by Craig Michaud

I remember one of the first times I saw Jay Psaros perform his instrumental tune “Tripping and Running“. From that moment I was reeled in to the songwriter’s work and the dude didn’t even use any words in the tune. He has a presence on stage and embedded into his songs. Calm and confident but soft, warm and alluring. Its entrancing.

Artist Jay Psaros

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Tucson Comes to Life with First Annual Acoustic Lottery

Run Boy Run on April 17, 2018

Poster: The Tucson Folk Festival's First Annual Acoustic Lottery

Some of the most notable contributions to contemporary music come from instances of unexpected collaboration. This much has surely been true longer than history could ever hope to record. Although, some contemporary examples might just include David Bowie and Bing Crosby crooning for peace on Earth, or The Accidentals’ serendipitous meeting with rapper Rick Chyme leading to a high-octane version of ‘Parking Lot’.

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Houston Kid Can Still Bring It Strong To The Delight of His Fans

Rodney Crowell at Music Box Supper Club on April 14, 2018

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I'm From New Jersey

John Gorka on March 31, 2018

John Gorka at Sellersville Theater 2018

John Gorka with Lizanne Knott

The Sellersville Theater

Sellersville, Pa



He’s from New Jersey



Jen & Eddy of THE NEW ZEITGEIST manage to meld diverse influences that provide consistently ethereal Americana from one tune to the next, pretty dreamy stuff.

——- Duo musical couples seem to be rarer and rarer these days, was the potential to work together on music part of what brought you two together? 


Eva Kano opens new doors to jazz with ukulele

Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Eva Kano opened minds a year ago by releasing a ukulele jazz album, New Chapter. It was a startlingly fresh twist on the genre, taking it into undiscovered territory but accessible to a mass audience as well. Who would've thought, right? Kano is a true independent spirit, as her diverse influences revealed in this interview will reveal as well.

Q: What attracted you to the ukulele, and how did you learn how to play it?