How Hungarian refugee Leslie Mandoki changes the world with music and music legends

ManDoki Soulmates - Debut US performance at NYC's Beacon Theatre on Monday, 1/29/18, 8 pm

Picture a typical 17-year-old with dreams of pursuing a music career and changing the world. But to actually do it?  Not so typical.


John Paul White: No Matter Where You Are

interview by Ken Templeton

One of the great regrets I had about not being able to attend last year’s Newport Folk Festival was missing John Paul White’s set. NPR recorded it and it’s well worth your time (but it might not assuage any feelings of regret for missing it in person).


Buffy Sainte-Marie Kicks Ass, Empowers, and Inspires with Potent Dose of Medicine Songs

Sometimes press releases make a point that rises off the page.  The release accompanying Buffy Sainte-Marie’s latest album, Medicine Songs (True North Records, November 2017), nails it: “For more than a half-century, Sainte-Marie has been a disruptor of the status quo.”



"Music is a powerful launchpad for bringing joy, inspiration, hope, education and unification to the oppressed ...we are trying to generate a new genre of Indigenous music that inspires the youth" (Photo by Priscilla Peña)

----------- What role did music play in your upbringing in the Diné tradition?  In the Diné language (Diné Bizaad) Hataałii means both "singer" and "doctor". Also, in our language Sodizin means both "song" and "prayer." So in my upbringing, music was all about deep intention to make the world a better place. Music was seen as a healer and singers were viewed as doctors. I was born into a world of struggle, as Native Americans continue to live in post-war conditions after the Native American holocaust.

Live Review

Alex Cameron Brings a Luminous Set to the Masonic Temple in Detroit

Alex Cameron on January 15, 2018

Photo by Chris Rhodes

The storytelling and songwriting of lanky, charismatic Alex Cameron gives one déjà vu that hearkens back to classic American rock and roll, evoking the working-man-gone-bad grit of a mid-'80s Bruce Springsteen or Warren Zevon hiding in between the glossy and catchy '80s synth-rock. 


Interview: Shigeo Tamaru of NaNa

Guitarist/composer Shigeo Tamaru is one-half of the Japanese duo NaNa. Signed to Warner Music Japan, NaNa distinguished by Tamaru's melodic jangling pop and the sweet, ethereal singing of Chikako Watanabe. Their latest EP, Remember Me, continues their passion for dreamlike indie rock.

Q:Who else is in NaNa and how did you meet?


Interview: Singer-songwriter Kathy Zimmer Creates White Noise with Cosmo Folk

Kathy Zimmer

From Nebraska to NYC, artist Kathy Zimmer is as authentic as they come. She draws inspiration for her songwriting from anything she comes across, whether it's a burlesque dancer to an annoying air conditioning unit. I had the pleasure of sitting down with this classically trained musician to talk about her latest EP, White Noise (released independently on January 5, 2018) and learned how she came up with her own sub-genre, "cosmo folk" and how Joan Baez was a huge influence on her music. Read on to learn more...


“Quinty Broadcasting's CJBQ Radio Brian Decaire radio show”

Artist Norm Brunet
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