J.D. Wilkes Opens Up About Folktales, Drama, and Memphis Style

The forum I’ve found for telling stories is through music; my process is to write little short stories and set them to soundtracks, like little cinematic pieces.

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Ron Weimer and his partners @ Buck Lake Ranch in Angola, IN are reviving the old 'Nashville Of The North' with blues, bluegrass, outlaw country and honky tonked stages steeped with history

CHARLIE BONNETT III @ BLR——— How did you originally get the rock & roll bug? What music did you hear in the house growing up?  My Dad listened to Bluegrass & Country. The Statler Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, Johnny Cash, Alabama, Oak Ridge Boys. Watched Hee Haw! My Brother listened to Kiss, ELO, BTO, Foghat, Peter Frampton.

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Mary Gauthier/Ben Glover at Kings Place, London

Mary Gauthier on May 17, 2018

Photos: Debora Locci

If this show had to be described in a single word, “partnership” would be a strong contender. Both Mary Gauthier and Ben Glover have recently released albums that are collaborations; Gauthier’s Rifles and Rosary Beads with war veterans and on Shorebound Glover works with several of today’s finest artists. Both sets were enhanced by the contribution of a single musician; guitarist Colm McClean with Glover and virtuoso violinist Michele Gazich with Gauthier.


Never Mind Godot: Phil Gammage is “Waiting for My Baby”

There is one other day that will live in infamy: August 1, 1981- the day MTV forged its debut on a platform known as cable television. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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'We Traveled So Far': Mary Chapin Carpenter at The Barbican, London

Mary Chapin Carpenter on May 15, 2018

A feeling that has frequently dominated Mary Chapin Carpenter's shows is reflection. An artist who bares her soul through her songs sends audiences home musing over the emotions she so lucidly expressed. Reflection was the theme of Carpenter’s London appearance, deepened this time by her new album Sometimes Just The Sky. With one exception the record is a reworking of previously released songs, released to celebrate her 30 years as a songwriter.


Love You Live: Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons Celebrate Paul Triff

Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons band photo by John Huba. From l. to r. Lorraine Leckie, Paul Triff, Charles DeChants, Hugh Pool. Live at Mercury Lounge album artwork by Billy Leroy

"That night Paul was at his very, very best. He was dancing around afterward. He stayed the entire night following the gig with everybody drinking. He said 'I love these songs, I had the greatest time.' He talked to everybody! Losing Paul was so hard. We're lucky we had him." Lorraine Leckie  


How Angela Soffe Found Herself

Singer-songwriter Angela Soffe has a lot to share in her latest single "Rocks." Soffe spent the majority of her childhood being raised in the Phillippines by her parents, who were devoted Mormons. After stepping away from this religion, Soffe found her voice in songwriting. "Rocks" is an infleuntial tale about the courage and bravery she has gained throughout this experience. We had the pleasure of catching up with Angela. Join us as we dig a bit deeper into her music, and herself as an artist.


Artist Angela Soffe

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Fairport March On, With A Spring In Their Step

Fairport Convention on May 11, 2018

Photo:Iconic Music & Media

Fairport Convention, who have made such a contribution to creating English folk-rock, turned fifty last year. After such an illustrious career, multiple line-up changes, tragedy and triumph, they could be forgiven for taking a well deserved retirement. Quite the opposite though, they are back on the road once again with their spring/summer tour of the UK. Then we look forward to their annual festival at Cropredy, Oxfordshire in August. How do they do it?

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Rosie Flores Debuts New Blues Material at Natalie's

Rosie Flores on April 29, 2018

Rosie Flores onstage at Natalie's, Photo by Kevin Smith

An opportunity to see Rosie Flores play is always rewarding. Fans of rockabilly have embraced her music for decades, and albums such as Dance Hall Dreams, Rockabilly Filly, Working Girl's Guitar, and Speed Of Sound have secured her musical legacy. But it would be shortsighted to pigeonhole her. Flores has done so much for women and music in general, and honestly, she defies categorization. Throughout her career, she has played singer-songwriter country, rock and roll, punk, traditional country, rockabilly, western swing, and now, blues!


Getting to Know Collins Drive

Collins Drive is an Atlanta, GA based-band that has been on our radar for a little while now. Their infectious music is blended with intriguing lyricism, and storytelling melodies that help to drive their sound home. We had the chance to catch up with lead-partner-in-crime Don De Leaumont recently, as we dive deeper into the story of the band. Are you ready?


What is the inspiration behind your new record? It seems to be garnering quite a bit of attention.


Artist Collins Drive