Best of 2014: Rosanne Cash - "The River and the Thread"

Lovely piece/appreciation/interview, Kim.

As for the South, Billie Holiday said it: "Down South, they don't care how close you get as long as you don't get too high up. Up North, they don't care how high up you get, as long as you don't get too close."

Times have surely changed since then, on both ends, but reconciling the conflicting threads and rivers, from before the Civil War to the present day, remains a challenge, though a rewarding one, particularly for someone of Rosanne's artistry, intelligence and soul.

Lovely, illuminating and insightful, Kim.   Thank you for this.  What a fine article and some great interview quotes!  "Etta's Tune," is the one that stays with me.  I was honored to attend the CMT-Edge shoot of the song......Then, was given a pre-release in Sept. of 2013.  My lady and I traveld that road between Nashville and Memphis listening, absorbing the album along the way. We kept laughing and asking, "What's the temperature, darling?"  What a great journey...the road trip and the album.

Wow, did I enjoy reading this essay this morning, Kim. What a story, and what an album. Thank you, Kim!

For a number of years Rosanne's secret weapon has been her husband/collaborator John Leventhal, whose fingerprints are all over this album, as co-writer, producer, guitarist and arranger.   Leventhal is one of the consummate "back of the album" guys; he doesn't get a lot of individual press, but he's been responsible for a lot of great Americana music.