Let Freedom Sing: When Roots Music Says the Unsayable

Sadly, the struggle will probably continue on, maybe even through and into the Singularity Event that's coming for us Humans.

But struggle on we must.  Nice series.  Thanks for this.

Thanks. I look forward to reading parts two and three. While you focus on songs/artists that should obviously not be censored we also need to protect those "artists" that arguably (sarcasm) should.

Graham Parker's "Museum of Stupidity" said it best:

"The banning of 2 live crew
They'll probably put 2 live crew in there, too
A museum of stupidity, oh yeah"



So are there no limits to "free speech"?  What of someone advocating the lynching of blacks as a way of asserting the primacy of the white race?  Or of Jihadis advocating terrorist violence in the service of the Truth? Or of violence against women as a way of life?

All of these have been the subject of song, in one way or another.  Should we just let that pass in the interests of "free speech"? 

It bothers me too when the ACLU defends the KKK's right to free speech but what's the alternative? It's a messy world out there. I'm glad I'm not the one to draw the lines.

#Jesus, Charlie!

Yep! We have to allow all speech or ideas that may offend. Freedom of speech is a tough principle to stand behind sometimes.

ACTIONS that violate another's rights are a different matter.  i.e.  You may sing/speak/rant about your beliefs that may promote violence towards others. As soon as you ACT on those thoughts you are committing a crime. In this country anyway.

And there's no such thing as "Fightin' Words".

In Canada we have hate crime legislation that limits free speech if it incites hatred, etc. (  You should not have to accept that anyone can say anything, publicly anyway, regardless of how offensive it is.  Don't know about American law.