Live Review

We Are Family: The Thompsons, Live

The Thompson Family at City Winery on January 30, 2015

A very nice review, I so wish I could have been there! I've felt connected to the Family for many years, and even saw R and L on their break-up tour -- much drama on stage, not much of it musical. Also saw a very young Teddy touring with Richard at a club in Toronto - Teddy took some of Linda's vocals on the older songs, when it fit. 

A nice surprise to hear the new record, wtih all family members on board.  Or, if not exactly on board, participating.  There's a nice piece on the making of the recording in the NYTimes, at 

Really enjoyed the review Anne...have been fortunate enough to see Richard and Teddy together myself, but this family band would be a must see show if it were to come anywhere near.