Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and The Rising Son

Heard some of Bob's Christmas record.  Well...  But I liked that he used Brave Combo's arrangement for Must Be Santa, it worked well for Bob and the video is cool, but I wondered how he became aware of Brave Combo's long time arrangement in the first place. 

Brave Combo is not exactly invisible, having won/been nominated for how many Grammys? And the Christmas record (It's Christmas, Man, I think it is) must have been out for 20 years or more.  So Bob would have had plenty of opportunities to become familiar with the arrangement.  Maybe he was at David Byrne's wedding reception.

No, not exactly invisible, and he could have heard them on the Simpsons or  maybe it was from them backing Tiny Tim one of his records. Just was curious how it came to his attention is all, could've been any number of ways. 

I read when I see your byline, but I wish you well with the new approach...I can wait to read about Parsons and Jenner, unless they have made an album together...I guess Jenner, given the direction he seems to be going, would be handling Emmylou's harmonies...will Gram be appearing as a hologram at the live shows?