Live Review

The Whole Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson Electric Trio on March 11, 2015

A good review often makes me jealous of the concert I missed. A great review makes me jealous and then I go listen to the artist.

That's exactly how I spent my Sunday afternoon!

Thanks, Hal. Much appreciated.


I was lucky enough to see RT solo acoustic in the mid 1980s and, with his electric trio, 2 years ago. Both times in North County San Diego. 2 Of the greatest concerts I have ever experienced. I have no problem calling Richard Thompson our greatest living guitar player. He doesn't play like anyone else and nobody else plays like him. He is one of a kind. He is a good, kind and funny dude, too.

Hard to separate RT and Derek Trucks for me, although they are vastly different. On acoustic, Pierre Bensusan.

I was lucky enough to see Bensusan play, too, on a bill with the late Michael Hedges.  If you're a guitar player he'll blow your mind for sure. Haven't gotten to see Derek live yet, but I will. Youtubed him many times.....