Bob Dylan, The Story of The Cutting Edge

Just try and stop watching this -- I bet you can't. The snippets we can hear of the very making of some of Dylan's best, and best-loved, songs is mesmerizing. The contemporary photographs and film clips are excellent -- Mike Bloomfield, keen-eyed and ready to rock and roll; Albert Grossman, ever-watchful in the back of a crowded room. Details hit you in the eye, and the ear. You are delighted to hear that the first title for "She Belongs To Me" was "My Girl" -- and that the first title for "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" really was "A Long-Haired Mule and a Porcupine (Here)." Alas, we have to wait until November 6 to find out of which song Dylan laments, though with a laugh, "Hey, the drumming's driving me mad. I'm goin' outta my brain."