Album Review

The Compassion of Mavis & Tweedy

Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black

This really is an incredible album. Mavis Staples' voice is as powerful and her delivery as nuanced as always. The songs hit you right in the heart, and the head. Jeff Tweedy has found his niche as producer and co-conspirator with this amazing woman. Bravo to both.

this disc truly shows the real Mavis Staples - there is no fake about her as she is truly a daughter of her father, Pops - he was one of a kind and a true gentleman,  which unless you are extremely lucky, you will meet very few of in this life - 

i was very fortunate and met them in the late 60s and we talked for an evening after a concert for quite some time, later 30 years down the road, i bumped into them and he was the same friendly person i had met earlier and he remembered my name - and here we are all these years later and Mavis is still the same warm loving person she has always been - and is as genuine and real as they come - and her voice, all these many years and travels later still carries the warmth and power it always has - thank you Mavis - and Jeff in the few meetings i have had is just as genuine a person as Mavis - tho how could he be otherwise spending that amount of time with her - i do know some of her compassion and love has rubbed off on me 

thank you mavis 

bob g