Interview with Globetrotting Multi-Genre Artist Joss Jaffe

Joss Jaffe - Dub Mantra artist

I am always excited to discover new artists, but especially those that are creating new genres all their own. Josse Jaffe, who is based in California, has traveled to all parts of the world gathering inspirations for his music. His latest album, Dub Mantra Sangha Remix, is the result of this eclectic artist's continent-hopping. It mixes electro-dance influences like dub and electronica with world and reggae, threaded together with yoga mantras. Sound intriguing? Read on to learn more about this genre-mashing artist...

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Rhiannon Giddens in Boothbay Harbor

Rhiannon Giddens on June 21, 2018

Image by Shawn Cote

Constructed as a meeting hall in 1894, the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor, with a seating capacity of about 400, would seem to be the ideal venue for a classically trained singer turned roots-music virtuoso who thrives in an intimate setting.

Rhiannon Giddens is that singer.


Interview: Niva the Soul Diva dives deep into Life Love and Music, new EP

Niva the Soul Diva

During the month of June, everyone is celebrating love and the freedom of expression. Brooklyn-based artist Niva (aka the Soul Diva) celebrates both with her latest EP, entitled Life Love and Music. I had the pleasure of chatting with Niva about her songwriting process, the making of her latest music video, "Hennessey Love," as well as her recent performance in Washington DC for the Capital Pride Festival. With her influences including the Rolling Stones and James Brown, Niva shares her multi-faceted approach to songwriting. Read on to learn more...

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A Very Solid Discovery; Lost Hollow at The Bedford, Balham, London

Lost Hollow on June 13, 2018

Photo: Graham Eveleigh

The UK’s Country to Country festival in March is usually about the big names in the main O2 arena but the nearby smaller stages are very fertile ground for discovering new bands. This year’s pick of that new spring crop was Lost Hollow whose performances on the stage right at the venue’s entrance gave such a warm welcome to the whole event.

Artist Lost Hollow
Other tags countryAmericanafolk

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Johnny Rawls Keeps His Cool in Raleigh, NC

Johnny Rawls on June 15, 2018

Photo by Grant Britt

“Everybody in Mississippi plays guitar,” Johnny Rawls says with a chuckle in response being asked about his early guitar history, his voice a bit crusty, but well broken-in, like an old leather jacket. “They sit on porches, pickin'.” He's sitting in a chair by the stage at Loafers Beach Club in Raleigh, sipping water and chewing on lemon slices waiting for tonight's backup band, the King Bees, to finish their three song opener.

Artist Johnny Rawls
Other tags soulblues

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Rising Appalachia @ World Cafe Live

Rising Appalachia on May 27, 2018

Rising Appalachia

Leah and Chloe Smith, aka Rising Appalachia, totally destroyed me the other night. OK, spoiler alert (did I just say that?), the show was absolutely fantastic. I have been waiting about a year to see Rising Appalachia perform and it was well worth the wait. About a year ago I saw that they were scheduled to perform at WCL in Philly and started to check them out.  When I checked their website I was hooked. I listened to some of their music and became a confirmed fan.

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Hubby’s Intoxicating Brewery Gig Salutes Chocolate Drops

Hubby Jenkins on April 28, 2018

Hubby Jenkins joins Zak Vincent with some fast-moving bones. (Photo by Ron Wray)

Hubby Jenkins is carrying the tradition forward and enjoying the ride. In a performance recently in a large craft brewery in Norfolk, Virginia, he showed off his prodigious talents with banjo, (parlor-size, acoustic) guitar, voice, and bones. He’d played shortly before at Norfolk’s historic Attucks Theater in Rhiannon Giddens’ band. Jenkins and Giddens were members of the groundbreaking group the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

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Tony Wright and Ryan Hamilton serve Country & West Yorkshire at St.Pancras Old Church

Tony Wright and Ryan Hamilton on June 8, 2018

St Pancras Old Church, London

Country Music has spawned so many sub genres that there surely cannot be any left. Not true, here’s a new one, “Country and West Yorkshire”. This is how Tony Wright and Ryan Hamilton describe their collaboration. To make the point their album is called Grand Ole Otley. Wright is a Yorkshireman with a long pedigree as an indie rocker in his band Terrorvision. He lives, records and runs a coffee/print shop in Otley, a lovely town in that fine county of England.


Interview: Marius Billgobenson

Marius Billgobenson, whose music draws from world, jazz, and folk influences, has just released a new album, The Sum of My Pardon.

Q: What was your introduction to music? How old were you, and how did it affect you?