Interview: Singer/songwriter Jordana Talsky

Singer/songwriter Jordana Talsky operates with an indie aesthetic, one that is free from the genre's conventions yet embracing its quirky appeal. Talsky is more sophisticated than many of her peers, though, as she weaves through pop, jazz, and alternative music with style and spellbinding harmonies like on her latest album, Neither of Either.

Q: What was your introduction to music? How old were you, and how did it affect you?

Artist Jordana Talsky
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Phoebe Bridgers on Sexting and Loneliness

Phoebe Bridgers on December 16, 2017

While Phoebe Bridgers' songs are blue contemplations about broken relationships, loneliness and death, they also remind us that sadness and joy can coexist in the same melody, and that hope and despair stem from  similar conflicting premises of existence.  

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Magical Memories Shared In A Tribute To Guy Clark

Verlon Thompson on December 7, 2017

Photo By Bill Foster

“Old friends, they shine like diamonds
Old friends, you can always call
Old friends Lord, you can't buy 'em
You know it's old friends after all”

As evidenced in that superior song, the aptly titled “Old Friends,” the late Guy Clark knew a little something about preserving the bonds of friendship and fellowship. Indeed, he would probably have been proud to witness three of his former friends, who once accompanied him on stage and in the studio, reunite for a touching tribute concert that offered music, memories, humor, happenstance, tall tales, and even tears. 


Chris Barron Gets Personal with 'Angels & One-Armed Jugglers'

Long known and loved as the front man for 90's rock band the Spin Doctors, Chris Barron flexes his musical muscles with his new solo project, Angels & One-Armed Jugglers which was released on October 20th. The eclectic, yet cohesive, eleven song set dynamically blends genres while eschewing typical lyrical themes, relaying stories that are personal, accessible, and ear-grabbing. Recently, Barron graciously took the time to speak about the album, the impact of losing his voice for the second time, and more. 

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The East Pointers at the Metropole, Katoomba

The East Pointers on December 9, 2017

The East Pointers in Katoomba - Koady, Tim and Jake

Nestled above Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the edge of the Atlantic, Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian provinces.  It is home to just 150,000 people, on par with Clarksville, Tennessee, and Sunnyvale, California. 

It is extraordinary, then, that PEI artists released three of my favourite albums of 2017.

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Samantha Fish Hits Long Island

Samantha Fish on December 9, 2017

Samantha with her Gibson SG

No one can accuse Samantha Fish of letting the grass grow around her feet.  2017 has been a busy year for the singer and guitarist – she’s released two wildly different albums while maintaining a relentless touring schedule. Fish’s knack for churning out high-octane electric blues with a healthy dose of slide guitar made her a star on the blues festival circuit. In the past year, Fish has broadened her musical palette. Chills and Fever was a collection of soul covers that showcased polished musicianship and a razor-sharp horn section.

Artist Samantha Fish

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Dhani Harrison at The Crocodile in Seattle

Dhani Harrison on November 19, 2017

Dhani Harrison performing new music from his latest album IN//PARALLEL

Dhani Harrison arrived in Seattle on a cold rainy evening to play at the legendary Crocodile to introduce his newest album, IN//PARALLEL, with a sold out show. If you’re not familiar with Dhani Harrison, his pervious band was thenewno2, which put out several albums including the soundtrack for “Beautiful Creatures.”



Nice Guy Johnny shares his dark side in this exclusive interview

John Knehr - frontman of Nice Guy Johnny

Ever meet a "nice" guy with a dark side? Well, the New Jersey trio Nice Guy Johnny embodies both through their music. In this exclusive interview, NGJ frontman John Knehr shares his evolution from playing various styles of blues mixed with rockabilly, and how his late brother-in-law, Chester Bennington, turned on the light to his dark side. 

His new single, "Highway 95," an acoustic retro-blues ditty, gives us a sample of his new album, Americana, expected to release next February. Read more below about how this blues artist found the light in Dark Americana music...

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Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver Brings Norfolk a Solo “Good Winter” Greeting with Bruce Hornsby

Bon Iver on December 4, 2017

Bon Iver/Justin Vernon (L.) and Bruce Hornsby (R.) blend beautifully on Norfolk's Norva stage. (Photo by Ron Wray)

“So, are you a Bon Iver fan?” I asked the young boy next to me. His handsome young father looked down and said, “Say, yes, sir.” His son grinned up at me and replied eagerly, “Yes, sir!” That was the feeling I found in the air at the Norva in Norfolk, Virginia, a few nights ago as Justin Vernon, in his Bon Iver persona (also the name of his band), was about to take the stage. The crowd was unusually respectful, not talking loudly (with some exceptions) during the show. You could hear Bon Iver even in his most quiet and fragile moments, of which there were many.