Jesse Daniel Unveils His Creative Process for Upcoming Release

Jesse Daniel is an artist paving the way for a new generation of Americana-laced singer-songwriters. The artist, who has been creating quite a stir, is set to release his upcoming record on May 26th. His charming instrumentation and stunning vocal work creates a masterpiece from start to finish. As we draw closer to his release date, we had the chance to catch up with the artist, as we dive in a bit deeper into what makes his musical heart tick.


Pianist/composer Antonio Flinta reveals his contemporary and classical influences

Pianist/composer Antonio Flinta has certainly made a memorable impression on his latest album La Noche Arrolladora. Instrumental records can either be technical accomplishments or emotional projects; this one walks the line between both. For those who aren't familiar with him, Flinta discussed his Latin American musical roots.

Live Review

The Lil' Smokies Ignite the Parlor Room in Northampton, MA

The Lil' Smokies on February 25, 2018

Lil' Smokies Live at the Parlor Room, Northampton, Massachusetts

The Missoula, Montana, progressive bluegrass band The Lil’ Smokies made a scorching statement regarding their status as an “up and coming” acoustic band. They have definitively arrived. Their live show dazzled the Parlor Room crowd throughout their 17-song set.


All in the Family: The Lack Family soars to Adult Alternative radio with Cali harmonies

As one can recognize by the name, the Lack Family isn't just a band; it's a family. A real family and not just a group of unrelated musicians who adopted Ramone as their last name. Their harmony-filled new album Seven has received the welcome committee on Adult Album Alternative radio stations, especially in Colorado. Leader and daddy Scott Lack recently sat down for an interview.

Q: The Lack Family is a real family. Are they involved in the songwriting process, too?

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I'm With Her Saw Lots of Faces Around Rough Trade NYC

I'm With Her on February 20, 2018

Photo credit: Kira Grunenberg

There's a lightness that comes with acoustic folk music. Sounds ring out, fade naturally, and often have an openness to them that makes the whole style feel more breathable. Add this sentiment to the sprightly and delicate songs jointly composed by Aoife O'Donovan (guitar, vocals), Sarah Jarosz (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals), and Sara Watkins (ukulele, fiddle, guitar, vocals) – now known as the folk supergroup I'm With Her – and it's hard not to suddenly pine quite hard for the warmth and emotional brightness that comes with summer's arrival.


Parkland school shooting inspires powerful track from Whitney Ann Jenkins

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida has lit a volcanic eruption of civilian protest, both online and on the streets, over the easy access of assault weapons in America. The tragedy has renewed demands for gun control, splitting strong opinions throughout the country. The random, violent deaths of innocents, especially the young, haunts the words of "Enough is Enough," an incredibly powerful new track from singer/songwriter Whitney Ann Jenkins. It struck her personally as one of her coaches was actually there at the shooting.


Frontman/trumpeter Robert Dehlinger debuts the Alpha Rhythm Kings with swinging energy

Some bands debut with the subtlety of a falling feather. And then are others who burst onto the scene with scorching horns, thumping bass, and jumpy drums. Such is the case of the Alpha Rhythm Kings, who has just leapt onto California's jazz community with an electrifying swing debut EP, California Boogie. Frontman/trumpeter Robert Dehlinger discusses how it all began.

Q: How would you describe your music?

A: Currently I play a fresh take on vintage swing, jump blues, lounge, and boogie-woogie.


The 2017 Iguana Grant From Club Passim And What’s Coming In 2018…

Every year Club Passim and The Iguana Music Grant fund help artists and organizations to inject the Northeast with new projects, programs and more to reinvigorate the vibrancy of the arts in the region. New records, compilations and community focused programs and projects always line the list of 28-30 grantees and year after year the results are always wonderful.

Artist club passim


For The Love Of It All: An Interview With Jill Turpin Of Green Mountain Bluegrass And Root

Festivals come and festivals go. Sure, there are the usual suspects in certain genres that have stood the test of time. Newport Folk with its rich history in the craft of song. Bending and redefining the rules of what “folk music” is. The giants who have grown exponentially, seemingly to big to ever falter, like Bonnaroo and Coachella. And in the bluegrass realm, fests like Grey Fox, Freshgrass, Rocky Grass and Winter Wondergrass have made it equally as exciting to see artists on stage as it is to sit in your camp ground and pick with new friends.


Mando Maestro: Ethan Setiawan Interview And “Tacks” Track Premiere

The world of New England instrumental music is one that I am really just brushing the surface off of. There are so many incredibly talented artists that are using the varying landscapes from craggy mountain faces and towering pines to rocky coasts and crashing waves to inspire their music that doesn’t have (or need) words to portray a feeling and a story.