An Interview With Max García Conover: Stagger

interview by Ken Templeton

When you’ve been listening to an artist for a number of years, it’s easy to get to a point where you know their tricks and tics pretty well, and can anticipate what their new work will sound like. I can say assuredly that has never happened for me as an avid listener to Max García Conover.


An Interview With Jeffrey Foucault: Pretty Soon I Was On The Road

interview by Ken Templeton

I am a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t know Jeffrey Foucault’s music until his last record, Salt As Wolves came out, about three years ago. But from the first time I heard him sing the line “That night in Des Moines,” off the first track on that album, I was hooked, and have become an avid fan. On Friday, he’ll release Blood Brothers, which, as he says, “leaves the blues of Salt As Wolves behind,” and goes small.


Sweet, Sweet Dreams: An Interview With Twisted Pine

What’s in a song that you love and have loved for a long time? Bits of nostalgia, sure. A transportive effect that can take us back to when we were driving around town in high school. Summer days at the beach. A rough break up. Those songs that mold us as artists or music lovers can take you to another time with just the first few notes.

Artist Twisted Pine


Green Mountain Bluegrass And Roots Artist Interview: Rachel Baiman (10 String Symphony)

Earlier this week we took a look at 3 different artists talking about all things Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots. Well, we now again talk to an artist performing at the festival next week for a quickfire of interview questions pertaining to the festival, the artists playing, the atmosphere and the community surrounding it all.

Here is our catch up with Rachel Baiman from 10 String Symphony. They perform on Saturday at 12:05 PM on the main stage. Read on.


Green Mountain Bluegrass And Roots: Through The Artist’s Eyes

No two artists are the same. No two bands are the same. Its those little intricacies prevalent in what we listened to growing up, who we have played with over time, how we got our start in those formative years that shaped folks to be who they are today and sound the way that they do. But inspiration and influence extend far beyond the style of guitar a guitarist plays and how hell bent on finding the perfect harmony a musician is. It intersects into who we are as people and how we feel about and view things around us.

Live Review

They Were All Good at 2018's Cambridge Folk Festival

Rhiannon Giddens on August 5, 2018

Rhiannon Giddens (Photo credit: Richard Webb)

Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the longest running folk festivals in the world, established in 1965, has always promoted equality and inclusion. The late Ken Woollard, the original founder, gave all artists the same billing on posters and publicity argued that “they are all good.” More recently, Cambridge has added its name to Keychange, the worldwide equality movement seeking to place more female artists at the forefront of music festivals. The pledge is to achieve a 50-50 gender balance by 2022, and this year the Cambridge exceeded this by achieving a 60-40 split.


Desert Folklorist Israel Nash Gets 'Lifted' With Hippie Spiritual Sounds

Photo: Kris Wixom

Israel Nash is feeling lifted these days. At home outside Austin, Texas, he and his family are perched way up on an expansive property. One look at the view of the rolling Texas Hill Country stretching out in all directions and it’s easy to see how Nash can find inspiration for the style of desert folklore music he created since moving there. With plenty of land to explore, he has spent the last few years building and perfecting his own recording studio, which he calls Plum Creek Sound.

Artist Israel Nash

Live Review

Earth and Water Move for Tillers Of Song

The Tillers on July 14, 2018

The Tillers at their van after Red Wing Roots performance. (Photo by Ron Wray)

The Tillers dig deep into musical earth along the banks of the long, lingering, and rolling waters of the Ohio River surrounding Cincinnati. The young men are wedded to the river and the city, the area’s history, people, and music. They’re stayin’ there, they said,after a recent concert at the Red Wing Roots Music Festival in Twin Chimneys Park near Fredericksburg, Virginia. For sixteen years, these young guys have been plying their musical trade in Cincinnati, not moving to Nashville, nor to Ashville or Austin.

Live Review

Bon Iver + TU Dance Company Come Through The Hollywood Bowl

Bon Iver on August 5, 2018

TU Dance. Photo by Craig T. Mathew.

In another enchanting evening at the Hollywood Bowl, Sunday night was the West Coast premiere of the collaboration between Bon Iver and the TU Dance company performing Come Through for an appreciative Los Angeles audience.



“A couple of people said to me that I shouldn’t write anything political - you’re gonna piss some people off. But what is the sense of writing anything if your heart is not in it? I’m not saying ‘my way’ has got to be everybody’s reality, but this is what I see and feel, and this is what impacts me. And this is what I’m writing about! Not every song on this record is political.” Tom Guerra