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Rodrigo Y Gabriela Live At The Hollywood Bowl!

Rodrigo y Gabriela on August 18, 2018

It was another perfectly balmy and wonderful night at the Hollywood Bowl, and this one was even more special because I was seeing the marvelous Rodrigo y Gabriela for the first time live. And WOW. I'm a fan for life.



Interview: Kris Scott of Collegiate Shag Brass Band

Collegiate Shag Brass Band may have the instruments of a typical New Orleans collective, but their boldly energetic and eclectic sound leaps across genre boundaries. Based in Missouri, they wear their quirkiness like a badge of honor. They just released their exhilarating second album, MFUNK, and their sousaphone player/manager Kris Scott explained how they all blended together.

Q: What styles of music had the greatest impact on you creatively?


Joshua Morningstar audio interview

Backstage at Charleston Music Hall with Joshua Morningstar

Spoke with my good pal and heck of a songwriter who is out there buring up the asphalt all over this great country of ours. Joshua Morningstar is a good brother who is doing it for all the right reasons. We spoke about what got him into the lifestyle, Billy Don Burns and even chatted about pro wrestling. Take a minute to listen,like,comment and share!  Many Thanks!



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Jim James Live At KCRW Headquarters' Summer Backyard Party!

Jim James on August 11, 2018

Jim James Live At KCRW

I finally got to see the new KCRW Headquarters in Santa Monica on Saturday night when they held their Summer Nights Backyard Party in the courtyard of their super impressive new digs on Pennsylvania Avenue. The bonus to seeing the new space was that it was for a Jim James (My Morning Jacket) solo gig, and I'll go see that dude anywhere. 


Artist Jim James
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Live Review

Cropredy 2018: As Eclectic As Ever

Cropredy Festival on August 11, 2018

It is not often you come across a Gaelic rapper, a musician in 1970s knitted jumper surfing a crowd in an inflatable boat,  and, well, The Beach Boys. But it does happen.

This year’s Cropredy festival (officially Fairport’s Cropredy Convention) wrapped up on Aug. 11 after presenting just such spectacles. Par for the course for one of Britain’s most eclectic musical events.


2018 Newport Folk Festival: The Musicians Speak

Nicole Atkins at Newport (Photo: Ken Abrams)

The 2018 Newport Folk Festival is in the books. There were numerous highlights – new discoveries along with some revered favorites. While there, I spoke with a several artists backstage to get their thoughts on playing the iconic festival. All were clearly soaked in the moment; they understood the unique occasion of playing Newport. Here are their words…

Chris Smither


An Interview With Max García Conover: Stagger

interview by Ken Templeton

When you’ve been listening to an artist for a number of years, it’s easy to get to a point where you know their tricks and tics pretty well, and can anticipate what their new work will sound like. I can say assuredly that has never happened for me as an avid listener to Max García Conover.


An Interview With Jeffrey Foucault: Pretty Soon I Was On The Road

interview by Ken Templeton

I am a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t know Jeffrey Foucault’s music until his last record, Salt As Wolves came out, about three years ago. But from the first time I heard him sing the line “That night in Des Moines,” off the first track on that album, I was hooked, and have become an avid fan. On Friday, he’ll release Blood Brothers, which, as he says, “leaves the blues of Salt As Wolves behind,” and goes small.


Sweet, Sweet Dreams: An Interview With Twisted Pine

What’s in a song that you love and have loved for a long time? Bits of nostalgia, sure. A transportive effect that can take us back to when we were driving around town in high school. Summer days at the beach. A rough break up. Those songs that mold us as artists or music lovers can take you to another time with just the first few notes.

Artist Twisted Pine


Green Mountain Bluegrass And Roots Artist Interview: Rachel Baiman (10 String Symphony)

Earlier this week we took a look at 3 different artists talking about all things Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots. Well, we now again talk to an artist performing at the festival next week for a quickfire of interview questions pertaining to the festival, the artists playing, the atmosphere and the community surrounding it all.

Here is our catch up with Rachel Baiman from 10 String Symphony. They perform on Saturday at 12:05 PM on the main stage. Read on.