Ruth Moody of the Wailin’ Jennys Covers Tom Petty, Fifteen and the Hand Behind the Band

The Wailin' Jennys (from left): Ruth Moody, Heather Masse and Nicky Mehta

The Wailin' Jennys are a Canadian-based trio of wonderful women blessed with angelic voices whose three-part harmonies are unparalleled in today’s folk-pop universe. But that doesn’t prevent them from getting down with songs made famous by a rocker who was born a rebel, a Werewolf of London or the darling of Pigeon Forge whose humble beginnings made her work harder than any 9-to-5er.

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Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK. 25 - 28 August 2017

The Unthanks on August 25, 2017

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

This year’s festival started and finished with a tribute to Alan Surtees, founder and co-director, who sadly passed away a few months ago, having succumbed to cancer. Festival patrons John Jones (Oysterband) and Steve Knightley (Show of Hands) spoke warmly of an inspiring man whose love of music shone so brightly. Surtess’ delight when acts that he’d booked for the festival received such positive reviews from attendees, was evident to all those who knew him and fittingly, the first standing ovation was a minute’s applause for Surtees.



I've seen Steve live many times, great songwriter with heartfelt songs, words, vibes and lead vocals ... see Steve!

What are you working on right now and why are you excited about it?  Currently am involved with The Mourners, putting a 2017 spin on Chuck Berry and other beloved Blues and Soul artists and getting people to stop gazing at their navels. Also collaborating with Detroit-based muso and personal heroes Robert Crenshaw (Marshall Crenshaw band) and enlisting the great Don Dixon to produce and play on it.



I saw Nathan and his band play at Buck Lake Ranch a few weeks back, awesome front man with a bitchin' outlaw country outfit, see Nathan!

What got you hooked on rock & roll as a kid?  Listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Those powerful vocals of Ronnie Van Zant drew me in.

What was the first concert you ever attended and what strikes you about it today? Jakyl opening for ZZ Top! I was 17 years old and the energy of that show was overwhelming!

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On the Road to Jericho; Tift Merritt at St. Barnabas Church, Jericho, Oxford, UK

Tift Merritt on October 24, 2017

Photo: Empty Room Promotions

In an era of huge venues with PA systems to match it is hard for artists and their audience to connect with each other. The complete opposite characterized Tift Merritt’s performance at St. Barnabas Church in the Jericho district of Oxford. Obviously designed with connection in mind, this is a magnificent setting with vaulted ceilings, some ornate, almost Byzantine, decoration and perfect acoustics. There was no stage, just a grand piano, mics and three guitars in a modest space between the audience and the chancel.

Artist Tift Merritt
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Thor Platter Takes His Time

Thor Platter at Music Box Supper Club on October 26, 2017


Interview With Griffin Sherry (Ghost Of Paul Revere): Taking Risks

article by Ken Templeton, photo credit: Josh Wool

The Ghost of Paul Revere is a force. Powered by stomping rhythms and skyscraping harmonies, they have become an instant sell-out in their hometown of Portland, Maine and have turned heads at Newport Folk Festival and across the country on national tours. We got the chance to chat with Griffin Sherry (guitar and vocals) after their set at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival a few weeks ago.


An Interview With Willie Watson: The Test Of Time

article by Ken Templeton, Photo credit: Meredith Munn

Willie Watson was a founding member of Old Crow Medicine Show and has released two albums in the past four years of traditional American music, titled Folksinger Volume One and Folksinger Volume Two. Both albums deserve heavy rotation in your life and Willie is the type of performer you want to catch live.

Artist Willie Watson

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Traveller and The Deslondes – Marrickville Bowling Club (Sydney, Oct. 20th, 2017)

traveller on October 20, 2017

In previous years, gigs like this Out On The Weekend sideshow would most likely have taken place at the sadly departed Newtown Social Club in Sydney, so it was nice to see a good-sized venue like Marrickville Bowling Club being used for international shows, with its mix of music punters and old-school club members.

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Eric Andersen's Poetic Journey

at the Tin Pan with Cheryl Prashker on October 17, 2017

photo by Paolo Brillo

Live music has the potential to be any number of things. It can be a pleasant diversion, it can be cathartic, it can be a shared party. And sometimes, with the right artist, it can be transcendent. On the right night, when the artist and the audience are both dialed in, a sort of communal feast happens. The table is set and the artist and audience feed each other energy and, in the best of moments, intimacy. No matter how well you may relate the details of that evening to others, it still gets filed under the heading “You had to be there.”