Jerry Garcia with the Grateful Dead at West High Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska

Back in 1980, I was working in Anchorage, Alaska when the Grateful Dead came to perform three nights at West High Auditorium during the summer solstice. I was able to get a ticket for the last of the three shows on the longest day of the year, June 21st, when the sun never set. I developed my photos at the local Pay 'n' Pack on the typical 3 x 5 print stock. Sadly the negatives disappeared when I lent them to a guy I knew at a record store, and when I went back to pick them up, the guy had gotten fired and no one knew where my negatives were? So through all these many years, I have treasured my collection of 3 x 5 prints. Then in 2010, June 21st to be exact, 30 years to the day, I was contacted by the archivist of the Grateful Dead, who had seen my photos that I had posted on Dead.Net and they asked me to send my prints to their production team. They ended up printing four of the photos for the Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4 CD. This photo is featured in the CD booklet of that album release.