The International Americana Music Show #1528

This week, there were debut appearances on the show (TIAMS #1528) by five artists, as well as a two songs about places in America, and a cover of the title track from Canadian Bob Carpenter's seminal album, Silent Passage.

The show opens with a track by Australian, Ruby Boots, from her debut album, Solitude before a track from a stunning release by Canadian artist, Hip Hatchet.

There are tracks from several recent EP's including from the ones by Harvey Cameron, from Canada, The Heggarties, from Australia, and The David Latto Band, from Scotland.

The second part of the show opens with a track from the joint album by English singers, Tracey Browne & Raevennan Husbandes while there are also songs from three more artists appearing on the show for the first time – Courtney Robb and Kaurna Cronin, from Australia, and Old man Luedecke (pictured), from Canada.

And it is Marlon Williams, from New Zealand, who presents an acclaimed version of Silent Passage.

You can stream the hour long show here and the full playlist is:

  • Ruby Boots (Australia) – Baby Pull Over (Solitude)
  • Hip Hatchet (Canada) – David's Wolves (Hold You Like A Harness)
  • Gareth Dunlop (Ireland) – How Far This Road Goes (How Far This Road Goes)
  • The Heggarties (Australia) – Roll Over The Ocean (Incidentally)
  • The Slocan Ramblers (Canada) – Mississippi Shore (Coffee Creek)
  • The Great Western Tears (England) – Sittin On The Stoop (The Great Western Tears)
  • David Latto Band (Scotland) – Long Time Coming (Here Today, Ghost Tomorrow)
  • Harvey Cameron (Canada) – I've Been Thinking Lately (Heavy Romancer)
  • Tracey Browne & Raevennan Husbandes (England) – Peacemaker (East By North West)
  • Ten Fields (England) – Summer Rain (Winter Sun, Summer Rain)
  • Courtney Robb (Australia) – Just Before The Storm (In The Dark)
  • The Common Linnets (Holland) - The Calm Before The Storm (The Common Linnets)
  • Marlon Williams (New Zealand) – Silent Passage (Marlon Williams)
  • Old Man Luedecke (Canada) – Caney Fork River (My Hands Are On Fire & Other Love Songs)
  • Kaurna Cronin (Australia) – Gone Is The Ever Unknown (Glass Fool)

Thanks for taking the time to listen and don't forget you can hear the show on a select number of public radio stations in America as well as online.

Michael Park


Twitter: @TIAMSorg