The International Americana Music Show (#1549) - Best Of 2015

This (TIAMS #1549) is the Best of 2015 edition of the show.

I have selected tracks from 14 of my favorite non-American Americana albums of the year – and they include records by artists from eight different countries.

The show opens with a song from the latest release of the year to be included – the new album by Tony Villiers and his band, The Villains, from Northern Ireland, which came out in November. The album is called Songs Of Love And Fate, and the featured track, Ramblin' Man, mentions Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly.

From other countries in the United Kingdom, there are songs by Scotsmen Daniel Meade, from his album, Keep Right Away, which he released in January, and by Dean Owens, from his Nashville recorded album, Into The Sea; by English singer Lauren Housley, from her debut album, Sweet Surrender, and by English group, The Barker Band, from their first new album in four years - The Land We Hold Dear.

The are also songs by some artists from the southern hemisphere: the title track, The Traveler, from the new album by South African, Roan Van As; the lead single from the latest album by New Zealander, Mel Parsons; and three renowned Australian artists – Ruby Boots, The Waifs, and Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes.

The show closes with a song from my favorite non-American album of the year – Hold You Like A Harness (pictured), by Canadian, Hip Hatchet.

The full playlist is:

  • Villiers & The Villians (Northern Ireland) – Ramblin Man (Songs Of Love And Fate)
  • Daniel Meade (Scotland) – Long Gone Wrong (Keep Right Away)
  • Anna Mitchell (Ireland) – What's A Fool To Do (Down To The Bone)
  • Wildie (Sweden) – Take Me Out (Lost & Gone)
  • Mel Parsons (New Zealand) – Far Away (Drylands)
  • Ruby Boots (Australia) – Wrap Me In A Fever (Solitude)
  • Dean Owens (Scotland) – Up On The Hill (Into The Sea)
  • Daniel Romano (Canada) – Strange Faces (If I've Only One Time Askin)
  • Lauren Housley (England) – Sweet Surrender (Sweet Surrender)
  • The Barker Band (England) – Wandering Girl (The Land We Hold Dear)
  • Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes (Australia) – The Mountain (The Mountain)
  • The Waifs (Australia) – Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt (Beautiful You)
  • Miriam Jones (Canada) - Train (Between Green & Gone)
  • Hip Hatchet (Canada) – Coward's Luck (Hold You Like A Harness)

You can stream the show via the mini-player below or via this link – and if you have any comments or requests, please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Michael Park


Twitter: @TIAMSorg