Sunday Ramble Starts their Third Year with the "Best of the Rest" from 2015

This Week on the Sunday Ramble:

We begin Year 3 tonight by tying up some loose ends from 2015, with our "Best of the Rest" show. To the benefit of every music lover out there, 2015 was overflowing with great music. More than what one person can reasonably expect to find in a given year. So David Brociner and I are going to make sure we cover some glaring omissions from our "Year in Review" . I doubt we'll even be satisfied after this week and will continue to look back at 2015 over the coming weeks. 

On this weeks show we'll have Aaron Lee Tasjan, Ferdinand The Bull, The Plott Hounds,PassengerChadwick Stokes, Riley Moore, Lance Canales & The FloodcandythiefEdward David AndersonJohn BusseJeffrey FoucaultDeena & The Laughing Boys, Jason IsbellSammy Brue,Josh RouseCicada RhythmLuceroZombies of the Stratosphere, Two Gallants, The Hill and Wood,The Dead WeatherPort HarbourSpeedy Ortiz.PIL, Buick MacKane & Monday Favors

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Photo Credit: Edward David Anderson By John Connell