John Fonvielle

Available October 4, 2015


Debut solo record from seasoned Americana singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with compelling melodies and insightful lyrics.


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I liked the sample song, so I downloaded the album and listened to it on a recent road trip. Most of the songs sound really personal, which is something I appreciate. Musically, it's got some catchy melodies — some were stuck in my head after just one listen. I think this is a solid record with pretty great lyrics. (He has the lyrics on his website.) Nice job, "Mr. Fonvielle."

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my record. These songs have been percolating for quite a while, and it feels great to get them out there and hear some feedback. Here is a link to the lyrics:
Thanks again!

Rodeo is a wonderful compilation of many emotions and many changes that we have all passed through in this life. The lyrics have a depth that you rarely find. "Coffee flavored with a spoon" The lyrics will have you listening very closely, you will not want to miss a word. The vocals are strong, the range is outstanding. The instrumentals are simply beautiful! It is truly amazing to me the talent emanating from this song writer and musician. There are so many great songs, it is hard to pick a fav but something about " Soft Place to Land" really speaks to me, but then "The Devil is Dealing Again" and "She Lives in Me" are also high on my list. Another shout out to "You Don't Know Me"! I really don't have a favorite, the whole release is MUST LISTEN!