Top 10 Albums

No Borders 2014, An Unranked List

1. Fellaheen - You Either Get Hands Or Get Wings

2. Black 47 - Last Call

3. Temples - Sun Structures

4. Earth - Primitive And Deadly

5. 17 Hippies - Biester

6. Chris Smither - Still on the Levee

7. John Ford - No Talkin'

8. Ben Vaughn - Texas Road Trip

9. Pink Floyd - The Endless River

10. Ex Hex - Rips

So after letting it simmer for two weeks, I submit my list, and sure enough, two hours later, without even trying, I think of the album I would have put in place of Pink Floyd's The Endless River.

Given that on the last day of voting seven of my ten entries had not appeared on any other list, my selections clearly aren't going to trouble the charts anyway.  But if you're curious (and hey, thanks for reading this!), in some virtual version of the voting please insert Other World from Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas.