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new album Some Notion Or Novelty out Spring 2016 -
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Some Notion Or Novelty, 2016

Charts -
top tips EuroAmericana Chart (April 2016)
#14 EuroAmericana Chart (May 2016) -
#66 Album (#112 Artist) Folk Music Radio Airplay Chart (June 2016)
#3 (Clodia+Songs) Acoustic Outpost (week of 7/18/2016)
#2 (Before the Sun Rises) Acoustic Outpost (week of 11/28/2016 and 12/05/2016)

Year End 2016 -
#5 Song for 2016, 'Just Like Juan Ortiz' "It's For Folks," WHYR, Baton Rouge, LA, Ken Nagelberg
#9 Song for 2016, 'Before the Sun Rises' Quaderno de Notas
#2 Album for 2016, Muziekwerel Belgium/Netherlands
#5 Album for 2016, Johanna Bodde, RadioGirl
#27 Album for 2016 Nikochan Island -
Best Releases of 2016, Colin Fielding, Folk n Roots
Best Releases of 2016, Sam Pierre, Le Cri Du Coyote

A Selection of Reviews -

"an incredible folk album" - Subjective Sounds, Australia
"offers a richness and wealth of emotional experience that you won’t want to miss" - Francis Dickerson, KZSU
"A stunning album - well-crafted and sincere" - John Sillberg, CKOL
"each of the songs feels so thoughtfully-crafted" - Jan Hall, CFRU

In addition to inclusions on programs by many great broadcasters that have played past albums, the album also made its way on to many dozens of new programs, with several 'spotlight' and 'album of the week' placements.

(Forgive My Future included)
 Volume, a Colorado music collection
 and This Ain't No Cowtown

Some CD Reviews - Forgive My Future:
November 2013 - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine
Aug/Sep 2013 - (interview) Le Cri Du Coyote #135
June 2013 -  4 out of 5 stars Examiner
May/June 2013 (issue 120)  -  4 out of 5 stars Maverick Magazine
March 2013 - 8 out of 10 AmericanaUK
March 2013 -
March 13, 2013 -  album of the day
March 2013 - FATEA
February 2013 - Kindamuzik
January 2013 - Against the Cierzo
January 2013 - One Chord To Another

Selection of Radio broadcasting Forgive My Future
BBC Radio Scotland 'The Iain Anderson Show', BBC Radio Ulster 'The Late Show with Cherrie McIlwaine', 2SER 107.3 FM (Sydney) 'Sideways Through Sound' – Album of the week 2/13, Dollard Radio (Netherlands) ‘RadioGirl’, Radio ISA (France) M. Penard, OpenAir (Colorado Public Radio), WMNF 88.5 (Tampa), KDNK (Carbondale/Glenwood/Aspen), Radio Parkstad (Netherlands) ‘Blueprint’, Radio Free Americana, Radio Venray (Netherlands) ‘Peelgrass’, Radio Omroep Purmerend (Netherlands) ‘Landslide’, Radio Omroep Ijsellmond 104.1 (Netherlands) ‘Songriver’, Radio Susa Onde (Italy) R. Ricaldone, Radio MDM 101.1 FM (France) ‘Folk You’, Radio 1 (Netherlands) P.v. Gelder, Radio Voce Spazio (Italy) 'Highway 61', CMR Nashville/RadioUK International (UK) L. Williams, WFM 97.2 Manchester (UK) ‘The Countryfolk Show’ – Showcase Artist, EuroRadio (Europe) J. Weber, Dublin City FM (Ireland) ‘After Midnight’, RadioLoco (Netherlands) ‘Heaven’ – Feature Artist, Fatea Showcases - AS Radio (UK) ‘Along the Tracks’, 96.5 InnerFM 3INR (Melbourne) ‘Folk and Roots’, WHUS 91.7 (University of Connecticut) ‘Dark Side of the Highway’, ABC Radio Alness (Scotland) ‘A Slice of Fried Gold Radio’, Worthing Sunshine Radio (UK) ‘AmericanRootsUK’, 105.9 Bishop FM (UK) ‘The Troubadour Show’, 105.9 Bishop FM (UK) ‘The Folk Show’, MeerRadio (Netherlands) ‘GoodNo(i)se’, Pure 107.8 (UK) ‘Roots and Fusion’, CFBX 92.5 (British Columbia), WMA fm 94.9 (Victoria, Australia) 'Open Tuning', 'Mom Hen's Corner', Radio 6 International (Scotland) 'The Miller Tells Her Tale',107.1 FM (Winchcombe, UK) 'Roots, Grass and Jambalaya', The Colorado Sound - KRFC (Ft. Collins), KDNK (Carbondale/Roaring Fork Valley), KWMV (Wet Mountain Valley), KFVR (Pueblo) and KOTO (Telluride), CKUA Radio Network (Alberta), Radio Bicester/Radio Basingstoke/UKRadio (UK) 'Acoustic Cafe', 90.3 FM WMSC (Montclair, NJ) 'Radio Nowhere', Radio Capelle (Netherlands) 'Undercover',  10Radio 105.3 FM (UK) 'Steve Coram's Eclectic Collection', WSCS 90.9 FM (New London, NH)/BostonFreeRadio 'Out of the Woods', Dirty Laundry #128 (Chicago, IL - podcast), RadioCrystalBlue (Philadelphia, PA), RadioCountryClub (France), CFRU 93.3 FM (Guelph, Canada) 'Folk Roots Radio', Wellington Access Radio (New Zealand) 'Town and Country Aotearoa', 2MAX FM 91.3 NSW (Australia) 'FOLKUS', WIOX 91.3 FM (Roxbury, NY) 'Mostly Folk', WICN.ORG 90.5 FM (throughout New England) 'The Folk Revival', KTEP 88.5 FM (El Paso, TX) 'Folk Fury', KVMR 89.5 (Nevada City, CA) 'Backroads', Sine FM 102.6 (Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK) 'Jonti's Roots and Acoustic Music Show', WBGU 88.1 FM (Bowling Green, OH) 'The Folk Show', Utah Public Radio (throughout Utah) 'Fresh Folk', WLJS 91.9 FM (Jacksonville, AL) 'Folk Renaissance Radio Show'

Charts - #52 new music chart (February 2013), #307 Roots Music Report Worldwide (9/30/13), EuroAmericana Chart (Top Tips 3/13), Radio Free Americana (#151 4/11/13, several weeks top 200), CFBX 92.5 British Columbia (#10 Folk/Roots/Blues week ending 5-14-13)

Feedback - Forgive My Future:
 - “A cracking album mate!”  Mark W. (Sideways Through Sound)
 - “Probably one of the best folk albums to come out of America for a long time!” Colin S. (The Countryfolk Show)
 - “Whilst there is never too much feedback in radio, I had more for your song than anyone else's!”  Mike M. (AmericanRootsUK)

Some CD Reviews - Into The Bottomlands:
December 2011 –8 out of 10 AmericanaUK (
July 2011 – KZSU (Stanford University, CA) (
May 2011 – Lonesome Highway (
June 2011 issue of Maverick Magazine gives Into the Bottomlands 4 out of 5 stars (issue available 5/11/11) (

Selection of additional Radio broadcasting the last album - Into The Bottomlands:
BBC Radio 2 (Steve Lamacq), WREK (Atlanta),  WYCE (Grand Rapids), KZSU (Stanford), KAFM (Grand Junction), Radio 1190 (Boulder), KZMU (Moab), WCOM (North Carolina)

Feedback - Into The Bottomlands:
 - “A poet with a guitar, Thomas Hine takes a slice of blues and adds a dash of folk to make a true Americana pie. Hine combines introspective lyrics and ear-friendly musical composition for a unique, heartfelt convert. He's got a Bob Dylan mind and an Andrew Bird ear; it's a winning combination.” Boulder Daily Camera
 - "Thanks for the CD, excellent songs and voice, we will be playing tracks from this week." Lee Williams
 - "It makes me think of the urge to dismiss that must have confronted many contemporaries reviewing works by Townes Van Zandt." Lars Larsson
 - "I got your cd called 'Into The Bottomlands' today and I just listened to it. I enjoyed very much and I thank you for your consideration. I'll add some of your songs to my radio show called 'Happy Trails' on Susa Onda Radio, Italy." Remo Ricaldone
 - "Thank you very much for sending me your new cd Into the Bottomlands.  This week I've included the title song on my playlist.  It took me several spins to apreciate the cd as a whole, but now I'm hooked! Seperately the songs crept under my skin and into my soul.  Thank you for this experience." Peter van Zeijl, The Netherlands
 - "I write about the music, the good feeling and spirit I can feel thoughout the album...your voice is really perfect for such an creates kind of an intimacy , the perfect album for an after 9pm listening are really unique and indispensable on the musical landcape play a music for people who have got something between the two ears... you are an excellent singer songwriter ...merci for these new recordings ..." Mike Penard, Radio ISA France
 - "I'm glad to know you appreciated I'm playing "Into the bottomlands" in my radio show of American roots music. It is even better than your previous CD and I really enjoy it a lot and in fact I shall surely play it again and again in the next weeks. Please stay in touch and let me know about your future plans. I thank you again so much and wish you all the best." Massimo Ferro  

Poetry inclusions:  WILD QUARTERLY (November 2014); DE LA MANCHA (Winter 2014/2015);