Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith is an American Roots Singer/Songwriter with a country bent. His songs tell heartfelt stories about real people, and are unfailingly optimistic and forward looking. His 2017 album DUST BOWL - AMERICAN STORIES was reviewed in NO DEPRESSION by John Apice, who wrote "Grant's ability to capture the heartland in his music is amazing ... he has written a heartland masterpiece .... Lyrics and Music as potent as Woody Guthrie ... Sent chills down my spine ... Bound to become a classic ... A reminder of the darker period of Bob Dylan, and it's that good, that memorable..." His 2013 album YELLOW TRAILER earned rave reviews, including this one from the Aquarian “...Smith’s lyrical work is just as impressive from track to track, staying true to folk style storytelling in music while keeping it sounding fresh and enjoyable.” Grant is a member of the Recording Academy (the Grammys®), the CMA, AMA, and is a BMI Recording artist. His upcoming album DUST BOWL is being released nationally and internationally June 2017.

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