Matt Saxton

Matt Saxton is a rock/folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in East Sussex, UK. He grew up in South London’s Biggin Hill where everyone’s Dad was either a builder or a policeman (or both). A hot spot for swingers, his parents divorced (they were not swingers though) and his brother end up in prison. Happy days! Music has always been central in Matt’s life. Classically trained on the clarinet and piano he also taught himself drums and guitar. Matt says “although my parent’s record collection was small, each album was a gem from CSN&Y, Leonard Cohen to Mozart; “My Grandfather was a professional musician playing double bass in the BBC Orchestra and Trad Jazz bands around London. He used to help me learn the tricky pieces when we visited him each Sunday.” In 2015 Google featured Matt’s acoustic guitar song “Seabird” on their homepage bringing him fans and downloads from across the world. In 2016 Matt released the single “Greeneland” about the author Graham Greene on The Animal Farm record label. February 2018 – Matt releases the album “I Wasn’t Looking For Love”. Produced and recorded by Ville and Matt Leppanen at their London studio. “Musically it sits in that classic singer songwriter canon, wandering between English folk, mid-Atlantic acoustic pop and American roots influences, it even tips a natty fedora in Neil Young’s direction, which is always going to get my vote. I Wasn’t looking For Love balances the often overdone “guy with a guitar” vibe with some wonderful instrumentation and musical motifs, enough sonic detail and wonderful design to keep things interesting but enough space that the songs are framed perfectly. Matt Saxton is certainly an artist to keep an eye on, not just for the clever references and pseudo academia that beats at its heart. At a time when music is struggling to rise above a certain lowest common denominator, it is nice to find someone who thinks about outside the box.” Dave Franklin Dancing About Architecture

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