music was always the balm that soothed - i used to fall asleep with the radio pinned to my ear at night and generally jocko and his blend of funky R&B and blues on the radio - and for whatever reason music along with horses were the constant threads in my life no matter the setting or where i was - 

grew up in nyc but not in the bustling cityscape of tall buildings and running people, but buccolic staten island, on horseback -  was living on a commune in vermont when i was contacted to cook at woodstock - well that was sure a good cup of tea - lived in scotland and england as the 60s turned to the 70s - and then worked on a ranch in arizona which turned into working in the film industry - which turned into reviewing music when i called a company to check on a book i ordered and got into a discussion with the author about music in the early 90s - still love horses and music still do photos of both - 




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