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Aron Blue has been writing funny, sad, sexy country songs for a long time. A couple years ago she started rocking out honkytonk style with some musical friends, calling them the Bootleggers because they were also making and selling homebrew out of her cheap loft in Bushwick. The homebrew and cheap loft are long gone but the Bootleggers are better than ever.

A honky-tonk/rock hybrid [who’ve] written Brooklyn-themed songs any local audience member can understand. - Josh Barone, NY Times

Aron Blue, you are the love child of Wanda Jackson and Elvis Presley  - Alex Battles, Founder, Brooklyn Country Music Festival

With a distinguished family lineage of Pentecostal preachers, fruit tramps, horse thieves, and general scofflaws, Aron Blue learned early on to distrust authority and listen to the still, small voice. Her video Never Talk to Cops was featured and linked to by the nonprofit Flex Your Rights and a 2009 photo of her arrest was featured on the front page of Jezebel. But her true spiritual home is the barroom. There, she and the Bootleggers can work to fulfill the holy prophecy that she has been given: When all women are sexually satisfied, there will be heaven on earth.

The debut album was recorded at SpeakerSonic studios in October 2015 and released Spring 2016. The Bootleggers rock out in their live shows and play all over New York City. Join our mailing list at for updated information about shows and to find out more details about the album release.

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