Cosmic American Productions

Producer/promoter for multi-band traveling music festival events. Research talent and develop roster of artists/bands; negotiate and book artists; research viable venues in strategic locations and work with bookers/owners for project goals; utilize social media to organize and promote; acquire viable sponsors (eg, Lakefront, Yazoo, and Steam Whistle breweries); build backline as needed and establish/verify stage plots, ensuring all tech requirements; set dates and establish goals for each location; create art for posters/shirts; write and distribute press releases; ensure branding requirements are met and build brand. Stage manager and act as master of ceremonies. Received positive reviews in media such as The Tennessean and magazines including Paste; conducted radio interviews on Sirius Radio and other local stations. Social Media: Admin for four groups, (before new owners did away with the communities), including the No. 1 group in members, and two of top eight (of 192), and Admin for Facebook group with 2,000 members. Successful blogger on WordPress site. Extensive use of other social media including Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter, YouTube, and many other platforms.

"Will is the engineer that kept the 14 trains running on time all night long on two stages at the Beachcomber. He scheduled a panel discussion by Des Barres, Kaufman and Seiter that was simply fascinating to hear. This was the first trip to the area by Easterner Will James and his traveling road show revival. It won't be his last." -- Christopher Burkhardt, B&B Musical Thrills

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