DC Larson

DC LARSON has authored three retro-styled, outer-space adventure novels featuring hero Eddie Atomic: "Shake, Rattle & Rocket!" "Ghost Saucers In the Sky!" and "Stratosphere Boogieman!"

"Flesh Made Music,"a collection of his rock'n'roll essays and reviews, was in 2017 published by his Retro Riff Books.

Also in 2017, Larson published "That a Man Can Again Stand Up: American spirit vs. sedition during the incipient Trump Revolution." (Bromley Books.)

Formerly on the staffs of Pin Up America and Rockabilly magazines, he was first published nationally in 1981. Since then, he has accumulated freelance magazine, newspaper, and internet credits, including Goldmine, USA Today, Crackerjack, Counterpunch, Blue Suede News, the Wrecking Pit, Huffington Post, Daily Caller, Independent Political Report, Rebel Frequency, and opednews.com.

He was commissioned to write for singer Robert Gordon's European website. He penned liner notes for Rockats guitarist Barry Ryan's solo CD, "And God said, let there be rockabilly." And in 2014, he was asked to contribute liner notes for the Rockats' reunion disc, "Rockin' Together." 



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