Jon Rauhouse, has been a multi-instrumentalist since 1979. He has been on tour or recording with Neko Case since 1999 and tours with other artists such as Iron and Wine with Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Jakob Dylan (The Wallflowers), and the Boxmaster’s featuring Billy Bob Thornton. Jon has recently recorded with such Luminaries as Dr Dog, The Boxmasters, K.T. Tunstall, Old 97s, Howe Gelb and Neko Case to name a few. Jon has released five of his own records and has added his talents to over 70 national releases and supports several other bands when possible. He had the opportunity to play with Les Paul before he passed away and has also been seen with, Calexico, Old 97’s, Jon Doe, Eric Bachman, Jon Langford, Howe Gelb, Billy Brag, Giant Sand, Sally Timms, Kelly Hogan and Grievous Angels. Jon is known for his Pedal Steel Guitar, banjo, Guitar and, Hawaiian guitar.. He does studio work and records and produces a wide variety of music and has received 2 Grammy nominations for his work with Neko Case

He’s more commonly known as Neko Case’s guitar player, but when Jon Rauhouse steps out  to solo, he has a timeless sound that beguiles anyone who hears it…, Rauhouse transcends boundaries and generations.                                                                       –-By Jedd Beaudoin, Wichita City Paper

Call Jon Rauhouse the world's greatest steel guitarist or just his nickname, Mr. Orchid Fingers, but one thing about the bespectacled, hunched-over sideman extraordinaire is irrefutable: When he digs into a solo, everything else drops away – Washington Post  - Patrick Foster

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