Matthew Cochran is a musician, music writer, and the host of Goes2Eleven, the weekly podcast about the guitar. Cochran’s musical life has been devoted to embracing, then transcending musical traditions. Praised by Soundboard Magazine for his “commanding stage presence” and “intimate expression”, Cochran was trained in classical guitar performance at the Eastman School of Music and the Florida State College of Music. Early success with the critically acclaimed Tantalus Guitar Quartet placed Cochran in prestigious international festivals and concert halls alongside luminaries of the guitar world such as Pepe Romero, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, and Kazuhito Yamashita. The group earned praise for their “perfect ensemble” (Reinischer Post, Germany), and “strong nuanced and textured performances” (Classical Guitar). But Cochran found that the rigidity of strictly classical performances limited the scope of his musical expression. Upon leaving Tantalus Quartet, Cochran embarked on a journey of musical self-discovery that explored the richness and diversity of the American Diaspora: jazz, bluegrass, Country Western, the great American songwriters from the Tin Pan Alley to Sondheim, and ultimately the plaintive traditional music of his native Appalachia. The result of this journey is a synthesis of styles artfully displayed on Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane, Cochran’s debut recording as a singer-songwriter-composer. Americana chart-topper Grant Peeples proclaimed “Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane is a Masterpiece” and No Depression raved “[the] pure emotive quality of Cochran’s music pulls you into its embrace and empties your heart with every sigh…artfulness in composition is almost a trademark of Cochran’s work.”

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