Rocking Magpie

January 2015

      To whom it may concern;

      In 2002 I had my first ever review printed in the UK's premier Americana/Country /Roots magazine Maverick; then in 2009 I submitted my first review to the fledgling No Depression website. 

        Subsequently I have had photographs and written work featured on several other UK based Americana and Blues websites that have come and gone over the years, three Regional newspapers (Sunday Sun, Evening Chronicle and Northern Echo) plus I have also had several photos in the Guardian and Daily Telegraph national newspapers. From Day #1 my reviews were consistently 'featured' on the No Depression homepage; so I presume I must have done something right.

    Writing reviews has always a 'vanity project'; bringing my writing and photography to a large worldwide audience; but times and publishers change so I began my own website/blog The Rocking Magpie in December 2015.

"It has been emotional." quote V Jones

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