Jackie O

This is the first official music video from Shane Piasecki's stellar album, Set You Free, which was released in March 2014. The video is being released today. The album review was originally published on Review excerpt - "Piasecki's music returns his listeners to those magical days when (Bob) Dylan was the voice of the land, when lyrics meant something to the listener and were delivered with catchy tunes that made their message unforgettable. From the opening strands of Feels Alright to the last haunting notes of Night Like This, Piasecki delivers an album that simply must be experienced. Mixing a rootsy, blues rock sound with lyrical content that is pure Nashville, Set You Free lives up to its title by delivering its listeners from the mundane and predictable sound of so much of today's music. It therefore makes sense that the entire album is being promoted to AAA and Americana radio to allow program directors to choose the tracks they think their listeners will love most."