Levon Helm interview w/ Marco Werman | February 2012 | PBS

Our hearts and prayers go with you Levon... you are sorely, truly and very deeply missed and always will be. The voice of your music lives in our hearts.

Thanks for your reply Jack . Of course it would be simplistic to suggest that every U.S. citizen is "anti" health care reforms ..maybe it's that on our side of the pond we only get to hear the opposition soundbites. And I find the animosity hard to understand . Nuff said .  

@Victor:  Are these real questions or are they rhetorical?  Questions like "Or are you ALL (emphasis mine) terrified that Communism will rear its ugly head"  make me wonder.  We are very much divided down the middle on the issue of health care reform.  



Can anyone explain to an ignorant Limey , why there is so much opposition to health care reforms that could remove so much insecurity from people's lives ? Is it "unAmerican" to help one's brothers and sisters through bad times ? The wealthiest nation on Earth giving  less care to its less fortunate citizens than many a poorer country ? Or are you all terrified that Communism will rear its ugly head ? I've been amazed at the outright hatred of Obama's plans , even from the very people who would benefit . Why is it so wrong to have a social conscience ? We all drink from the same pond after all .

Sail on Levon.."the only drummer that can make you cry".

Love this. His smile is a beam of light that can still be felt. Thank you so much for posting.

Do you know how hard it is to type with tears streaming down your face and splashing onto the keyboard? There is really nothing else to say or pontificate on except.....thank you.