Premiere of Michelle Lewis' "Running Back Home"

Last November, Michelle Lewis flew down to Nashville for 48 hours to cowrite with Robby Hecht ( and ended up with this catchy song that she says seems to be the track from the album, "The Parts of Us That Still Remain," that most people are drawn to. Here's Michelle's story of the song: "When we sat down Robby asked what I wanted to write about, and what ideas I had. I told him about a recent conversation I had with a friend who was having relationship troubles. It made me hurt for her, but it also made me realize how lucky I am. We started writing this song, it was very slow to develop but the chorus was one of the first parts to come to us and we knew it was really catchy as soon as we wrote it (we just wanted to sing it over and over). After writing that and the first verse we hit a bit of a road block, so we decided to take a break by writing another song (which would eventually turn into "None Of That Now", the track that follows "Running Back Home" on my latest album). It worked, and we were able to finish the second verse, add an instrumental bridge and complete the song form. At that point we were ready to let it rest, not knowing if the bridge needed words or not. We both worked on it separately over the next few weeks, then had a Skype chat where we both admitted the bridge did, in fact, need lyrics, which we nailed down then and there." "When I was ready to record the song I took it to my producer, Anthony J. Resta, and we demoed it in Boston and talked over the arrangement that we would do – sparse and acoustic at first, slowly growing into a large gorgeous soundscape. We recorded it in LA a month later, and when we were laying down the guitar track Anthony suggested that we speed it up slightly and give it a more pop arrangement than we had initially planned on. I was all for it, so that's just what we did – and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out." Nathan Laver directed the video.