Video Premiere: Indie pop singer-songwriter Chris Riffle releases "Shake Me Up"

New York City-based indie pop singer-songwriter Chris Riffle releases a new video for his single "Shake Me Up" from his upcoming album Out of Town - out April 7, 2015. The video portrays Riffle in a simple black and white setting emoting the lyrics that gently unfold a heartfelt message of love. Like the song, the video is beautiful in its simplicity, effortless in portraying deep emotions. Riffle says about the video, "Our vision for 'Shake Me Up' was to make a video that portrayed the sensitive reflective mood of the song in a stripped down minimal setting. By removing the background it put more emphasis on the expressive personal tone and allowed for the intimacy to come alive." Indeed. For more info on Chris Riffle and his new album, visit
Artist Chris Riffle